Beliefs and Principles of Recovery Coaching

Recovery Coaching assumes that there is innate health and wholeness in recoverees who seek to improve their life through coaching.

Recovery Coaching uses a strengths-based approach. We help our recoverees find and utilize their values, assets, and strengths while we coach them to success.

Recovery Coaching believes that recoverees who are clear about their life goals and values are better able to achieve and maintain a great life, healthy living and long-term recovery.

Recovery Coaches help recovery recoverees succeed through normal effort. We promote the development of healthy lifestyle and balanced living.

Recovery Coaching doesn’t explain why addictions occur nor identify causes.

Recovery Coaching doesn’t address past issues or trauma.

Recovery Coaching recognizes that it’s normal l for recovering recoverees to have gaps in their skills or development, and we support our recoverees in recognizing and filling in gaps such as poor math skills or poor money-handling skills.